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Project Recovery Assessments

70% of all projects fail for reasons such as: 

  • Inexperienced PM

  • Functional managers serving as PM’s

  • Lack of sponsor engagement

  • Poor communications

  • Missed requirements because all stakeholders not brought to the table

  • Organizations bring in project managers after the projects have started when in fact a PM should be brought in as soon as there is a project idea.

  • Not properly tracking the project budget.

  • No project plan (communication plan/risk management plan/change management plan)

  • Person serving as the PM has another full-time job within the organization and doesn’t have time to support the project.


Our "Back on Track Project Recovery Assessment" helps you get your project back on track using out 20-point project recovery assessment. Our PM's will assess your project, identify your gaps, and provide your senior leadership, PM or project leader with a recovery plan of action to get your project on track.

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