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2nd Act Career Transition Coaching Program


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Welcome to the 2nd Act Career Transition Coaching Program “where the stage is yours.” Our program helps women who have worked in corporate America 20+ years, who are not at retirement age, move on to their second career whether it is a new job in the same industry, a new job in a different industry or entrepreneurship.

Our programs are customized. We understand that one size does not fit all. 


It is our mission to help women move into a second career of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment.

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What Does a Career Transition Coach Do?

As a career transition coach, I will support you as you make significant changes in your career. It is not easy to leave a position you have held for many years nor is it easy to leave a company you have dedicated your entire career to after 20+ years. I am here to partner with you and guide you through your transition phase and into your next career.


An important point to note, is when we partner, it is not about me telling you who or what to be, or us trying to create a new you, we will drill deeper into whom you are now, your hidden talents and purpose and create a plan for you to achieve the goals you establish for your second career.

Our Services

Initial Consultation:

The initial consultation will consist of a 1-hour one-on one discussion that allows me to better understand your current situation, gather information that will allow me to tailor your program to your specific needs and provide you with more information on the 2nd Act Program.

Once you select the date and time that works for you, you will be emailed a zoom link for your session along with a link to a 3-minute questionnaire that you will submit prior to your initial consultation.

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Take 1 Program

  • .6-Week Program

  • Three (3) One-On-One Coaching Sessions via Zoom

  • Participant Develops an Actionable Transition Plan

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Take 2 Program

  • .Consists of 30- or 60-Minute One-on-One Sessions

    • Weekly sessions

    • Bi-Weekly Sessions

    • Monthly Sessions


 You decide on the program package that works best for you!

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