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We Increase Operational Efficiency


We offer top-notch project and change management support, including assessing business processes, completing small business certification applications, and providing recovery support for failing projects, all delivered with a personalized touch.

Through years of experience, innovative insights, and a tailored approach, we guide our clients from their current state to a desired future state, enhancing operational efficiency. Your success is our priority.

What We Do

Spellman Consulting Group offers comprehensive services, resources, and expertise to help federal, commercial, small businesses, and educational clients adapt to changing standards and improve performance, resulting in increased efficiency and alignment with business objectives. Our tailored approach ensures that our services align with our customers' strategies and operational goals to drive efficiency and achieve improved performance.

Our Services

Business Process Assessments

We have a proven and effective 5-step system for conducting assessments and analysis. Our methodology produces analysis that is complete, specific, measurable, prioritized, and achievable. 

ERP System Implementations

We help our clients manage change and the complexities, risks, and data integration challenges of an ERP implementation by developing a detailed strategy and plan to increase project success. We serve as a liasion between the client and vendor.  

Project Management Support

We provide IT project management support services as well as project management for non-IT related projects. Our project managers are certified PMPs, Scrum Masters and certified in Lean Six Sigma. 

Small Business Certification Support

We offer comprehensive assistance to clients, providing readiness assessments for small business certifications and offering "Do It For You" application support services

Government Contracting 

We assist our clients with developing a strategy to get properly registered in government systems and develop a plan to help you get on your way to sourcing and winning government contracts.

Project Recovery Assessments

We assist our clients with getting their failing projects back on track using out 20 point project recovery assessment. Our PM's will assess your project, identify corrective action and get your project back on track. 

Our Mission 

"To help our clients bridge the gap between their current and desired future state"

How Can We Serve You?

Feel free to contact us or book a consultation. We are eager to help you achieve your goals.

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