Implementing an ERP system can be very complex. The common theme among ERP implementations are the many moving parts, as there are several tasks and activities being executed simultaneously.


To ensure a successful ERP implementation, your organization will need a dedicated project management resources to represent you during the implementation. Depending on the size of your organization and scope of the project, there may be a need to have several project managers. 


Our project management consultants can assist your organization with: 

  • Defining the scope

  • Documenting business processes

  • Selecting an ERP system that meets your business needs

  • Create a detailed project plan 

  • Define the phases of the implementation

  • Developing a detailed and comprehensive schedule

  • Developing a communications plan 

  • Oversight of vendor activities 

Our project managers have served as the dedicated project management resource to school districts on the implementation of the MUNIS ERP system. If you are implementing MUNIS and have questions or would like chat. Feel free to reach out to us. 

Implementation Planning